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ode pour citron jaune…

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Lemon, lemon oh lemon…

Lemon in my cooking dictionary belong to a special group of ingredients: the one that is versatile in the sense where you can use every part of it. The zest, the juice, the flesh. It can be use to keep your apples or artichoke from browning because it contains citric acid, it can be used to add zing and flavour to your dish, it can be used as savoury or sweet, it can be used as a cure should you like me have hands that is sensitive to very harsh soap and get blisters. soaking your digits in pure lemon juice keeps those nasty blisters at bay, and you can also use lemon to “cook” your raw product like in a ceviche.

Yes. I LOVE you lemon.


lemon cupcake with lemon frosting and filled with lemon curd.


"very lemony"


lemon teacake drizzled with lemon syrup and garnished with home made candied lemon peel


Pierre Herme's lemon cream curd meringue tart

Above are just several examples of what you can do with 2kg of juicy lemon at 99cent per kg from my local Woolies. Yes, there were a very good buy indeed. All were really plump and juicy.

100_0567Reinterpretation of lemon meringue pie matched with Chinese hawthorn.



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