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Posted on: July 23, 2009


Another round of playing about with ideas. Popcorn has been used in many progressive cuisine/molecular gastronomy as a ingredients quite widely by now (mid 2009).

I have seen pairing of popcorn with beef tenderloin, popcorn with foie (make sense, since its poultry with grains) and popcorn soup incarnation from wd-50, alinea and moto for example. Still, I was curious because I wanted to try to experience the taste although I don’t know about popcorn soup. Today, idea came knocking (well, it was a built up of many days of pondering) and i decided to put several taste and texture of corn and its flavour pals to the test.

that to say, i tried to add salt to every single sweet stuff that i have made lately. and surprisingly and sneakily enough. the people that has been chowing them down did not quite notice the subtle difference. I do though, maybe it is because I added it, so I know it is there and I am looking out for it.

peanut-choco sorbet shake. light but not sickly like milkshake. peanut nougatine with milk chocolate ice cream that was swirled with a dark chocolate ganache. Blended with just skimmed milk.
salted caramel. yum! (where have you been all my life?)
peanut butter powder. (peanut butter + toasted potato starch)
chocolate cookies crumbs
sweetcorn muffins. (going to get a thermowhip so i can make those aero cakes and breads)
salted butter popcorn.
pickled corn kernels. (pickled in brine with a salt/sugar w/v solution)

I love the whole thing! And eating it with hand makes it so fun. I pick a piece of popcorn and mop up the caramel with the peanut butter and with the pickled corn kernel bits. It was so good! I didnt wanted to stop.

The peanut shake, although light, and yummy on its own, I find it somehow odd on the combination. The funny thing was, after polishing off the plate, I had a brimming hot cup of Chinese Jasmine Tea. WOW! From all that corn and caramel, the tea just makes everything clicks together in my mouth. I am in love.

I like this not so ordinary combination of salty sweet chocolate + caramel + corn + jasmine tea dessert. got to put it in detailed notes in notebook. this one is a keeper. just need to refine the elements, taste and texture.

did notice how i seemed to plate many yellow colour looking stuff lately. must be the weather. it is winter in melbourne. that said, i got a bunch of fresh red cherries ready to be made-over.


2 Responses to "pop!"

Love all of these flavors and the art of how you put it together. My family’s popcorn recipe might look more like folk art compared to this Picasso.

“To Die For” popcorn is popped in bacon grease, seasoned with salt, pepper, butter, and MSG. AKA Heart Attack in a Bowl.

bacon grease? sounds tasty. thank you for giving me yet another idea on popcorn.
popcorn popped with duck fat and served with foie gras or some lovely goose or duck. mmmm…

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