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cupcake aux vanille avec caramel remplissage, glacage au fromage blanc et tim tam’s garniture

Posted on: August 2, 2009

6736_122395529972_764169972_2998525_1297651_nVanilla cupcake with caramel filling, caramel and cream cheese frosting then garnished with chopped tim tam’s.

This is a clear winner. Made a dozen for W and his mates during their weekend Winton racing trip.


2 Responses to "cupcake aux vanille avec caramel remplissage, glacage au fromage blanc et tim tam’s garniture"

Oh, that cupcake looks delicious! I think that simple vanilla cupcakes are still the nicest, takes me back to childhood memories, but the thought of caramel filling is making me salivate.

oh yes, it is.
my bf does not like plenty of icing and buttercream. He kept complaining I always put too much frosting even though I think compared to alot of the pictures of cupcakes I have seen, my flat frosting is my attempt to not have so much icing on them. But this cream cheese and whipped cream frosting is surprisingly light and the caramel packed a real punch, it is the first time he really enjoys and did not complained at all about the icing. 😀

Yes, I fold the caramel sauce that I made into whipped cream cheese with a little gelatin and let it semi set before piping and the rest of the filling is folded with whipped cream to make the frosting.

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