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les griottes blanc et noir, avec chocolat et honeycomb

Posted on: August 2, 2009


Ok. First of all, many thanks to the lovely people (the few of you) that actually come and visit my pathetic little blog. I am not the most diligent of a blog keeper, that is mostly due to the fact that I am at a lost to write rather than the lack of materials. I have diligently posted lots of my culinary creations here, so no lacking of visuals, just some literary intelligence.

Don’t get me wrong, for people who knew me, they know that my brain is a constantly ticking mass, I am always thinking about ideas and having this one to one conversation with myself in my head, bouncing off ideas. Yet, how do I put it in a eloquent manner so that I actually makes a blog interesting, not dull and boring and not come across like I am crazy? I don’t know. Many a drafts later, I still am not happy.


Subject at hand. Cherries. I thought about what to do with those damn cherries that I’ve got for days. The funny thing about winter in Australia is that, we get what other people are having as summer fruits during our cold weather.  Some, maybe not all, I do so want some lovely berries right now, but its impossible. LOL ok anyway…

The colour tone came out quite good for the plating. I did 3 plating and was unhappy about how it turns out before being semi satisfied with this.

you know about ben and jerry’s “cherry garcia”?
cherry + vanilla ice cream + chocolate = cherry garcia

the elements that i have put in here:
>vanilla scented milk fluid gel (the white thing you see at the foreground)
>black cherry compote and rainier cherry compote. cooked individually using LM pectin. I made one of it sour and one of it sweet so as to have a flavour contrast. The reason for LM pectin is that I want a sort of a thermoreversible effect and also a sheen reminiscent of berry jams rather than just boring looking compote. I just wanted some real shiny compote and I got it.

20080101-100_0700>yoghurt croquant/crisp. i experimented on how to dry pure yoghurt in microwave after chancing upon several science articles on a science journal website. yoghurt in microwave gave me plenty of grievances (the amount of cleaning, bleh) then i further dry it in low temp oven to get the croquant. you can see it close up in the next picture! its alll pure yoghurt. 😀
>chocolate goes well with cherry, everybody knows that. i made some pliable chocolate ganache, unfortunately because i have to guess at the recipe to put in to make the flexible chocolate, i didnt get it quite right. anyway, its still edible (duh!) just not the right texture. so i mould it and coat with cocoa powder.
>honey meringue, crumbed
>home made honeycomb. i wanted big air pocket in my honeycomb, but i get a real fine texture instead. need to add more NaHCo3 next time.


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