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sable au chocolat sale et meringue kisses

Posted on: August 2, 2009

100_0545Pierre Herme’s sable au chocolat sale (salted chocolate shortbread) and meringue kisses. Both are sandwiched using Michel Linxe’s recipe of creme du chocolat. Pierre called for the shortbread to be rolled into a log, freeze/chill and then cut into disc and baked. I think that does not do any justice for this lovely recipe, so to up the glam factor, I shape them using square frilled cookie cutter. The meringues are byproduct from all the leftover egg whites which I had from making various products that only required egg yolks. Basic meringue recipe of sugar and egg white. No vinegar nor tartaric acid added. Piped onto prepared silicon mat or baking parchment and baked at 160C for 45 minutes if you want chewy center or one full hour for crispy melt in your mouth texture. I made plenty of the meringue from 4 whole egg whites, all sandwiched with the chocolate cream, they disappeared really fast in a household full of men, surprisingly, who are fussy about their sweets. Although, that said, I myself am guilty of over indulgence with them too, simply because they make such a wonderful combination. Highly recommended.

I cannot rave enough of this creme du chocolat recipe from Michel Linxe’s book “Maison du Chocolat”. It is an awesome book and and filled with recipes from Linxe’s chocolat boutique, yep, you guessed it, the eponymously titled Maison du Chocolat.



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