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ah~ macarons, tres jolie…

Posted on: August 13, 2009

There had been so many bloggers raving about macarons and so many bloggers making them so well. I am just posting because this is the first time I am making macaron with the current oven in the house, and its sort of a get to know you session. Above is the first ever batch i made, notice there was 2 with bumps. Ah well, did not stopped it from being delicious.

As the bender continues, Its scary is it not, this macaron thing. Once you start, you cannot stop. You just keep making them. It is like childbirth, a painful process (my arms are sore from sifting so much almond meal) but you keep doing it because the results are so worth it.


first ever batch from this oven.


second batch

BTW, it is painful to bake macarons with a small oven and with only 2 trays and 1 silicon mat. Like my lime green silicon mat? Funky isn’t it? 😀 Making them yourself is so much worth it, not only you get to learn to be patience and these temperamental babes really test your knowledge of baking and understanding of your individual ingredients, but it is also cheaper. In Melbourne right now, cheapest I have found is 1.95 aud at Cacao. Lindt new cafe that is at Collins St sells their Delice Macarons for 2.00 aud a pop and it is really not that great, still they are being sold out. When I went to the ChocolateRush festival last weekend, only the Cacao’s stand was selling macarons and they sold out, beating all those fancy cupcakes stands. The macaron craze has officially arrived in Melbourne, no thanks to that stank of a show, Masterchef Australia. (Let’s not even go there, I am a big fan of Masterchef UK, but Masterchef Australia, 1/3 into the season, for me, you just sank)


the second batch fresh out of the oven

I was able to finally gauge my oven’s temperature after baking 4 batches. 160C for 5 minutes then followed by 100C for 30 minutes with the oven door ajar. When I was an apprentice, we used to make them in those big industrial pastry ovens, and what I remembered was my seniors they would use double tray (no need for me) and also baked it really low after the initial crust setting. When it is macaron baking time, the ovens will be occupied for at least 3 hrs. So, remembering them, I bring down my temperature and it worked beautifully, no sticking to the silicon mat and with a nice crisp shell and chewy center, just how I like it.


I am pretty relieved. I have not baked them for ages (like years) and macarons is still one of those things that strike fear into my heart whenever I think about baking them (especially with unknown oven). Now, I have to say, layered cakes and artisan bread is still my crux. 😀

So, you may ask, what flavours did I make? The pictures above are whats left of the macarons after a 2 days carnage.  Two flavours were wiped out and these are what’s left and I am continuing to make more.

The flavours:

  • Crunchy peanut butter (finished)
  • Burnt coffee-toffee (finished)
  • Nutella with Dark chocolate (barely surviving)
  • Thyme scented lemon curd
  • Orange with orange marmalade
  • Oolong with Chai.

I am still on a bender, what I have up next, is thinking of making some adult macarons with a Shagger buttercream (Shagger- a cocktail made from Jagermeister, orangejuice & milk) and vodka lime buttercream. That is on my list. Also, to do some chocolate macarons a la Pierre Herme. Oh~ also Basil & blueberries. Ah, the possibilities are endless and only can be stopped by your lack of imagination.

Are you addicted? Because I am. They are so loveable.

p/s: i am not the most diligent of blog keeper and should any of the posts recipes interest you, please feel free to drop me a message and I will post up the recipe. ^_^


16 Responses to "ah~ macarons, tres jolie…"

A Macaron bender sounds fab!
These look gorgeous!

Thank you! yes, lovely and wicked things they are!

I have been on a macaron bender also I have made five batches recently using the French method using Helen’s of Tartelette recipe. Always interested in seeing other people’s macarons and especially your temperature usage 100C for 30 mins!!!! Excellent work on these little babies they look so cute. Wonderful effort. Yes macarons are really an exercise in understanding your oven. I preheat to 175C and as soon as the piped macarons are in the oven I lower the heat to 160C and bake for 12 mins turning the pans 1/2 way through. Cheers from Audax in Sydney.

Look at those incredibly cute macarons you baked!!! Yes please, if you can, share the tips/ suggestions/ advices/ recipe!!!!

Thanks for posting and for sharing!

thanks Adelina, i am on a deadline to publish August’s DC challenge write up and also have an assignment or two to finish. Will try to squeeze in to post the macarons recipe individually. And the tips. LOL…

First tip: dont be afraid to try.

audax, i have always been using the French method, used to it, beside the cooking meringue thingy looked so bothersome. Macaron for me, if you have a successful formula, stick to it.

I also did not rest them, its pipe and go. I made about 6-7 batches, only failed one batch on 3/4. I did a coffee macaron shells, baked separately in 3 batch, first batch, ruined (cracked, i was pissed lol, still tasty, bf ate them all), 2nd turn in oven (half cracked, half not), last one into the oven (all turned out well).

as i was making dinner tonight, i suddenly have an idea, curry macaron, coconut milk ganache. 😀

i might try it this weekend.

Wow! They are beautiful!
Love the colors and the flavors!

I have yet to attempt macaroons, and though these are beautiful reading your commentary makes me all the more scared to try!

dear Kitty, please do not be afraid, once you tried it, you will realised that they are a good experience to learn.

These look great! I will admit that I have never tasted a macaroon before, but have always heard of them as being amazingly yummy and unbelievably hard to make!

So way to go! And your flavors look delish! 🙂

They are not really that hard to make once you understand the ingredients and their behaviour, and the behaviour of your oven.
because it is winter right now, it is very dry (luckily australia as a whole, is very dry) so I dont really face much problems with the eggs, almond and sugar being moist or humid. Imagine if I am back home in the tropics, more care will need to be done. So, pick a nice lovely day, and try them. The only thing I do not like about macaron making is sifting the almond meal. Very tiring. I brought them to uni today to distribute out to a few choiced classmates, my nutrition lecturer and to my favourite chemistry lecturer. Its a hit! All of them has not taste macaron before and is their first time.

Be brave jenni! the macaron is waiting for you…

hahaha, ok, I will definitely have to try them! Might have to wait for fall though, since it is 100% humidity right now…gotta love summer! 🙂


Welcome to my site! What do you think?

helloo.. just found your blog through twitter, didn’t realize you’re a fellow daring cook & melbournians too. Do you sell your macaroons? They look absolutely stunning.
I never had any success with the French method, so I stick to the Spanish er.. or is it Italian? the one that used the cook meringue.

Would love it if you don’t mind sharing your filling recipe =). Or, better yet, the finished macaroons. Tee hee hee. Would love to hear about your venture on the curry & coconut macaroons

hello asti,
yes, i am new to this food blogging scene and new to Melbourne, if you consider 2 years as new (then again I hardly venture anywhere, so I still do not know alot of places).

I am thinking of selling my macarons Don’t really know how to start selling them. The only way I can think of is to get my flavours and shells right, maybe make a website for them and start at a farmer’s market or when my uni has a market day set up and hopefully it spread by word of mouth? Right now, just been making them alot and trying out various flavours and also some combinations which i think might work.

The one that uses cooked meringue is the Italian method. I guess its a matter of what is more comfortable to you. I prefer the French method because it was what been taught to me when I was an apprentice and also its no fuss plus I do not like really hot sugars that much. 😀

Looked out for a post for the curry & coconut macarons and some. I have some backlogging to deal with but I have assignment to finished first. 😦

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